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3 — 12.05.2024

The only festival in Italy entirely dedicated to the in-depth study of the cinema, realities and cultures of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

6 — 11.05.2024

The first film festival dedicated to intercultural education for schools, a unique opportunity for students to learn about and explore the cultures of the three continents.

3 — 12.05.2024

For this edition, the zebra is in three: 3 zebras like the 3 continents that we have been recounting for 33 years through the voices of filmmakers, 3 zebras that recall the symbolism of the perfect number 3 and invite to harmony, to unity while respecting diversity in such a conflictual and divisive historical moment.


10 days of screenings, meetings and special events on the cultures of the 3 continents in 4 cinemas in Milan and streaming on MYmovies.it

Official selection

Almost 50 films from Africa Asia and Latin America (and beyond). Discover all the films of the 33rd edition in competition and out of competition.

This year, as always, our competitions and special and thematic out-of-competition sections return to explore the cinema and cultures of the 3 continents.


The images, best photos and videos of our audience and guests at the 33rd edition of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival.

Day by Day

Access to the screenings is possible with one of the 3 types of subscriptions, purchasable on this website or at the venue, or with a single ticket, purchasable at the Festival venues during the screenings. Tickets for screenings at the Cinema Godard of Fondazione Prada, including the opening night, can be pre-purchased online at ticketing.fondazioneprada.org


Behind the camera: discover more about the directors at the 33rd FESCAAAL!


The first and only film festival for schools in Italy dedicated to intercultural education and knowledge of cultures from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Two special juries, the Student Jury and the Teacher Jury, and the Popular Jury award the official prizes of this edition!

All the winners and prizes of the 2023 edition of the MiWorld Young Film Festival.


It is possible to rent or consult titles from the COEmedia Distribuzione Cinema Catalogue to organise screenings, reviews, meetings and events.

We propose educational paths and activities in presence or at a distance for schools and universities, to be carried out throughout the year.

The 32nd African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival concluded with the awarding of the official and special prizes to the films in competition. See you in 2024!