Niccolò Corti

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Niccolò Corti, a director born in Florence and residing in Milan, directed the short film Nam in 2019, a US-Italy production written and produced by Alexander Soldi. In 2020, after earning a master's degree in Cinema and New Media from IULM University, he began working as a filmmaker for various production companies. Among his works are several documentary productions as a director of photography, such as Patrimonio on Sky Arte and Ninne nanne ai tempi della guerra, an episode of Gorelovka distributed by Tv2000. He collaborated as a filmmaker with organizations such as "Unicef" for the program Prodigi on Rai1 and "Emergency ONG" for the documentary La casa dei bambini set in Uganda. In 2023, he made his first short film entirely written, produced, and directed titled Non piangere.
2024 - Don't Cry, sf
2019 - Nam, sf


Niccolò Corti | Italy | 2024 | 16'