Your 5×1000 to COE

The new Finance Act allows 5×1000 of taxes collected by the State to be allocated to voluntary organizations such as the COE.

For over 60 years we have been involved in education, culture and cooperation: thanks to you, and together with you, we can continue our commitment in Italy and around the world.


How to donate your 5×1000?

Expressing this choice is very simple.

Open your tax return form (CUD, 730, Unico).

Find the box “Support for volunteerism and other nonprofit organizations, social promotion associations, and recognized associations…”

Enter the tax code of Associazione COE n. 92012290133

Sign up!


Be Partner!

Public institutions and private entities decide to invest in Culture and support the Festival to communicate in a creative, versatile, innovative and social oriented way.

Becoming a PARTNER of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival means:

Become a promoter of quality cultural content. BE CULTURAL!

Choose a marketing method with high possibilities of matching needs and results and of integration on different levels. BE PRESENT!

Invest in Culture and Social and develop creative CSR projects. BE SOCIAL!

Build institutional relationships with corporate, cultural, and third sector stakeholders. BE CONNECTED!

Connect with an audience of 20 thousand and foreign communities locally and nationally. BE LINKED!

Sharing the cause and being the bearer of the ideals recognized by the Festival and the organizing association, during the Festival and throughout the year through the many activities related to the event. BE IDEALIST!