Schools and Universities

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Schools and Universities

FESCAAAL was also created as a training opportunity for schools of all levels from kindergarten to university. Cinema as a language is a tool for exploring the theme of interculturalism with historical, social and current issues in a new, transversal and creative way and for integrating teaching or study plans. Through FESCAAAL, there is the opportunity to meet and discuss in seminars and masterclasses with authors from the three continents – and beyond, to address topics from a unique perspective. Our film experts, educators and cultural mediators are able to develop tailor-made proposals for every need during the festivals and throughout the year.

Proposals for compulsory schooling can be requested and carried out throughout the year: with in-depth plans tailored to the needs of the class or specific groups of students and on the occasion of the MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY, the first and only festival for schools dedicated to cinema from the three continents and interculturalism. In addition, a catalogue is available with a number of rented films specifically suited to educational paths and activities to be developed in the classroom in presence or at a distance with educators and mediators.

Proposals for universities can be requested and carried out throughout the year: with ad hoc interventions in various three-year degree courses, specialised or master’s courses such as those of cinema, political science, linguistic and cultural mediation, history and anthropology or on the occasion of the annual editions of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival. The films selected in the various editions of FESCAAAL, collected in a distribution catalogue and available for rental, are available to teachers to be used and integrated to deepen their curricula. During FESCAAAL, as part of the initiatives of our University Area section, the Festival guests are hosted by universities for masterclasses and lectures.

Proposals for universities

University Area

Active for over 10 years, the University Space of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival aims to directly involve students and teachers from universities and higher education schools in Milan and throughout Lombardy. The lecture halls are open for meetings and discussions with the Festival’s international guests, who are invited to conduct master classes, seminars and in-depth debates based on the viewing of their films.

University Area becomes part of the courses of study not only related to cinema and audiovisuals, but also collaborates with teachers of anthropology, cultural mediation, political sciences, social sciences and contemporary history, offering new points of reflection and comparison both on the cinematographies of the three continents and on specific socio-cultural themes of constant topicality.

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