Tommaso Santambrogio

Tommaso Santambrogio
Tommaso Santambrogio is a Milanese director, writer, photographer and video-artist, born on 5th November 1992. He has worked with Werner Herzog, under whose supervision he made a short film in Peru in 2018, with Pupi Avati, and with Lav Diaz, on whose latest film he recently worked in the Philippines. He has studied in Milan, London, Paris, Rome and Havana. He was the judge representing Italy for Le Giornate Degli Autori of the Venice Film festival in 2017, and he presented Los oceanos son los verdaderos continentes in the Settimana Della Critica competition. His first feature film is currently in preparation.
2018 - Escena Final, sf
2018 - The Oceans are the Real Continents, sf
2016 - D’Istanti Lontani, sf


Tommaso Santambrogio | Italy, Cuba | 2019 | 20'