33rd FESCAAAL Awards Winners

33rd FESCAAAL Awards Winners

All the Official and Special Awards of the 33rd African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival

The 33rd African, Asian and Latina American Film Festival celebrates its conclusion by awarding the official prizes and special awards of this edition. See you in 2025!

The Official Jury, composed of Lav Diaz (president), Ali Asgari, Anastasia Plazzotta, has decreed the winning film of the WINDOWS ON THE WORLD Feature Film Competition, worth €8,000.

The Journalists’ Jury, this year composed by Nicola Falcinella (president), Ilaria Falcone and Simone Soranna awarded the Prize for the Best AFRICAN SHORT FILM worth €2,000 and the Prize for the Best Film of the EXTR’A competition – Provided by Terre des Hommes – worth €1,000.

Official Prizes

City of Milan WINDOWS OF THE WORLD Feature Film competition

Some Rain Must Fall, by Qiu Yang | China, USA, France, Singapore | 2023 | 98′

A crystalline mirroring of displaced psyches, as represented by the characters, the narrative, the millieu and the mood of the film. The filmmaker’s critique of a cultural abyss that’s overwhelming a very particular society, his society, is earnestly incisive. Is there a way out? Some decisions must be made.

Special mentions

El viento que arrasa, by Paula Hernández | Argentina, Uruguay | 2023 | 95′

An unabashed exposition of the discourse on faith, on beliefs, on commitments, on choice, on man’s frailties.

Bauryna salu, by Askhat Kuchinchirekov | Kazakhstan | 2023 | 113′

This film offers an astonishing drama with a harsh yet poetic approach. The film flows between documentary and fiction and although it is not trying to copy the reality, it captures every detail of existence in a unique place and can work as a valuable ethnographic document. The great performance by the actor, the essential camera work and powerful directorial style share with us a unique cinematic experience.

SNCCI Critics Award for the Best Film in AFRICAN SHORT FILMS Competition

Dusk, by Awa Moctar Gueye | Senegal | 2023 | 15′

Amidst dreams, mystery, and magic, a young girl showcases her courage by defying the adults. Through a story of very young individuals confronting fears and female emancipation, the film becomes a spokesperson for a substantial, mature, and visceral cinema, capable of blending the oral tradition of West Africa with a skilled use of imagery.

Special mention

I Promise You Paradise, by Morad Mostafa | Egypt, France, Qatar | 2023 | 25′

SNCCI Critics Award for the Best Film in the EXTR’A Competition

Award offered by Terre des Hommes – Italia

Song of All Ends, by Giovanni C. Lorusso | Italy, France, Lebanon | 2024 | 73′

For having been able to blend the poignant sentiment of tragedy with the calmness of rekindled hope in a film that transitions from a news event and harsh realism to abstract, conceptual yet touching, with an almost magical touch. The director uses few words and relies heavily on shadows, openly inspired by the example of Pedro Costa, yet finding a wholly personal way to immerse the audience in a vision rich in insights and stimuli.

Special mention

The Meatseller, by Margherita Giusti | Italy | 2023 | 17′

Special Awards

City of Milan Audience Award

Sujo, by Astrid Rondero, Fernanda Valadez | Mexico, USA, France | 2024 | 127′

Multimedia San Paolo / Telenova Award

Dusk, by Awa Moctar Gueye | Senegal | 2023 | 15′

The prize consists of acquiring the home-video distribution rights in Italy for an African short film.

An honest and current tale of childhood, tenderly depicting pivotal moments in a young person’s growth.
It highlights themes such as self-awareness and one’s role in society, the courage to face one’s fears, and above all, the universal importance of female empowerment.


Muna, by Warda Mohamed | UK | 2023 | 19′

For the profound sensitivity with which the director portrays a girl – seeking a balance between cultural roots and expectations, dreams and aspirations – providing a mirror for second-generation adolescents to reflect and identify with. Also, for the ability to narrate, within the short span of a film and within the confines of domestic walls, the grand-small odyssey experienced by the young protagonist – with her leaps, uncertainties, self-awareness, and profound maturation, which lead her to embed tradition and the present into her own playlist with delicate precision.

Terre des Hommes Awards

Best films promoting childrens’ and adolescents’ rights

The Gift, by Dalmira Tilepbergen | Kyrgyzstan | 2023 | 88′

Lonely, by Michele Pennetta | Switzerland, Italy | 2023 | 75′

ACEC Award – Diocesi di Milano

The Gift, by Dalmira Tilepbergen | Kyrgyzstan | 2023 | 88′

From the majestic mountains of Kyrgyzstan comes a film that depicts the determination of a girl raised in an environment, both familial and societal, with a strongly patriarchal character.
“The Gift” demonstrates an extraordinary ability to narrate a universal story of identity, belonging, and liberation through its images. The many desires, repeatedly voiced in the script, and the fears of young Arno are staged with emotional honesty, making the film a valuable text for girls and boys approaching adolescence.



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