32nd FESCAAAL Awards Winners

32nd FESCAAAL Awards Winners

All the Official and Special Awards of the 31st African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival

The 32nd African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival celebrates its conclusion by awarding the official prizes and special awards of this edition. See you in 2024!

The Official Jury, composed of Paolo Moretti (president), Saeed Roustaee, and Erige Sehiri, awarded the winning film of the “WINDOWS ON THE WORLD” feature film competition, worth €8,000.

The Italian Journalists’ Jury, composed this year of Raffaella Giancristofaro (president), Ilaria Feole, and Gian Luca Pisacane, awarded the Prize for the Best AFRICAN SHORT FILM worth €2,000 and the Prize for the Best Film of the EXTR’A competition worth €1,000.

Official Awards

City of Milan WINDOWS OF THE WORLD Feature Film competition

Tengo sueños electricos, by Valentina Maurel | Belgium, France, Costa Rica | 2022 | 103′
For its sensory and organic narrative approach, for the subtle and unexpected gaze on the intimacy of its characters that transcends the codes of coming of age, and for the inspired interpretation of its protagonist.

Special Mention

Mediterranean Fever by Maha Haj | Palestine, Germany, France, Ciprus, Qatar | 2022 | 108′


Mistida by Falcão Nhaga | Portugal | 2022 | 30′
With its ability to outline a constantly moving world through rigorous direction, the film reflects on images, relationships between people, and time. The city merges with the spirit of the protagonists, the ups and downs of the streets mirror the difficulties of everyday life. A story of restrained everyday life that reveals a mature and promising look.

Special Mention

Bazigaga by Jo Ingabire Moys | France, United Kingdom, Belgium | 2022 | 27′
For the intensity of an acting performance that gives voice to the female struggle and for the ability to condense the complexity of a cultural clash into the short film format.

SNCCI Critics Award for the Best Film in the EXTR’A Competition

Go, Friend, Go by Gabriele Licchelli, Andrea Settembrini, Francesco Lorusso | Italy, United Kingdom, Germany | 2022 | 68′
For the essential gaze with which the directors, without forcing it and with sincere empathy, gave eyes, breath, and meaning to the motivations of migrants who face the Balkan route. For clearly showing the violence and paradox of the “game” rules and the hypocrisy of pushback policies.

Special Mention

N’en parlons plus by Cecile Khindria, Vittorio Moroni | Italy, France | 2022 | 76′
For bringing to light a context of violence and segregation forgotten or removed, following Algeria’s independence. A precious gesture of restitution of family memory and rewriting of history from the perspective of the “vanquished”.

Special Awards

City of Milan Audience Award

Harvest Moon by Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam | Mongolia | 2022 | 90′

Multimedia San Paolo / Telenova Award

A.O.C. by Samy Sidali | France | 2022 | 18′

For the ability to tell with irony and irreverence the process of “Frenchification” carried out on migrants who obtain citizenship from the French state. A brilliant and entertaining critique of identity and a sense of belonging that makes the topic understandable to an audience of all ages.


Sur la tombe de mon père by Jawahine Zentar | France, Morocco | 2022 | 24′

For the depth of the authentically dramatic story, which weaves the needs of tradition with those of the young generation; for the lucid determination with which the protagonist fights to have those rights denied to women granted. For the excellent direction, which guides family relationships with skillful discretion and intelligence, up to the final, courageous and responsible choice.

John Cabot University Award

Battima by Federico Demattè | Italy | 2022 | 17′

The subtlety in delivering the message of racial prejudice is the magic in this film. Without exploiting or glorifying black pain the film shows the experience of blackness in a monoracial, mono-ethnic society. The protagonist attracts attention to himself simply by existing. A conversation on alienation and hyper-visibility is brought to the audience and we’re left to ask ourselves what is the price of blackness in spaces ‘where it does not belong?

ACEC Award – Diocesi di Milano

Abdelinho by Hicham Ayouch | Morocco | 2022 | 100′

Through the genre of surreal comedy and original and engaging language, this film manages to pose important questions that concern us all. The director invites us to take responsibility for our society, to propose a development that has as its primary interest the good and acceptance of others. A particular mention goes to the film’s ability to observe the world of media with complexity: television as a megaphone that becomes a tool, also, of unity and inspiration.



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