Go, Friend, Go

Gabriele Licchelli, Andrea Settembrini, Francesco Lorusso | Italy, United Kingdom, Germany | 2022 | 68'
Sat 25 March H 17:00
from Sat 25 March - 17:00
to Mon 27 March - 23:59
Sat 25 March H 11:00
With Falcão Nhaga (director of Mistida); Leïla Kilani (director of Birdland); Adriano Valerio (director of Calcutta 8:40 AM); Gabriele Licchelli, Andrea Settembrini e Francesco Lorusso (directors of Go, Friend, Go); Cécile Khindria (co-director of N'en parlons plus); Christian Carmosino Mereu (director of Land of Upright People)
Original title
Go, Friend, Go
Every year, thousands of people try to reach Europe to flee from wars, poverty and environmental catastrophes. Many of them follow what is known as the Balkan route. The film, set between Patras in Greece, Šid in Serbia, Bihać in Bosnia and Trieste in Italy, brings together fragments of stories and places, using different narrative techniques (observation, animation and found footage) in an experiential journey that invites viewers to identify themselves with those who live in a sort of limbo.
Khalil Al Jazairi, Jumha Khan, Parwana Amiri, Abdullah Jabor Khel
Films Distribution
Broga Doite Film
Broga Doite Film, Brush & Bow C.I.C., Border Violence Monitoring Network, Epica Film
Roshan De Stone, Hannah Kirmes-Daly, Francesco Lorusso, Andrea SeIembrini, David Leone Suber
Francesco Lorusso
Gabriele Licchelli
English, Pashto, Dari, Arabic
English, Italian
Main awards
Distribution Award CG Entertainment Popoli Doc (Festival dei Popoli 2022); SNCCI Critics Best Film in the EXTR’A Competition (FESCAAAL 2023)
Gabriele Licchelli (1993), Francesco Lorusso (1993) and Andrea Settembrini (1991) were born in a village in the extreme south of Italy. They moved to Turin where, since 2018 they have worked as authors, directors and editors and founded together the production company Broga Doite Film. Together they directed and produced Anche gli uomini hanno fame, co-produced by Fondazione AAMOD and Broga Doite Film in collaboration with the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà. It had its premiere at IDFA 2019 and was then selected by many national and international festivals. They have had previous experience in the cinema of migration with Arca Hotel (2017), selected at the 58th Festival dei Popoli and distributed in 2019 on GuideDoc. They also collaborated on Il fiore in bocca (2021), directed by Andrea Settembrini and Valeria Civardi, presented at "Doc at Work Campus" at the 59th Festival dei Popoli and selected by a number of festivals, including Ischia Film Festival and CinemAmbiente Torino.
2022 – Go, Friend, Go, ff
2019 – Men Are Hungry Too, sf



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