#ThinkingGreen: ecology and environment at Africa Talks 2023

Saturday March 18th, from 5.00 pm at Auditorium San Fedele 17.00

What are the environmental challenges for today’s Africa?

Environmental and ecological issues have been at the center of public debate for several years but are less well known regarding the African reality. However, although Africa is the continent that has contributed the least to the climate crisis under way, it disproportionately suffers the consequences of the increase in global temperatures

At Africa Talks 2023, the now classic format of in-depth discussion on contemporary Africa in its sixth edition, four guests will discuss the environmental impacts of climate change in Africa and protection strategies, offering new insights into social and political aspects and local response strategies, with a focus on Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya.

The event Thinking Green. What are the environmental challenges for today’s Africa?, which is held on Saturday March 18th at Auditorium San Fedele starting from 5.00 pm 17.00 as a pre-opening of the 32nd edition of FESCAAAL, presents a roundtable discussion with international experts and speakers followed at 7.00 pm by a special screening of the theme film Aya (2021) by Simon Coulibaly Gillard selected in the Festival program.

Admission is free until seats are sold out!