La paz del futuro

Francesco Clerici, Luca Previtali | Italy, United Kingdom | 2022 | 80'
Wed 22 March H 19:00
from Wed 22 March - 21:00
to Sun 26 March - 23:59
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Thu 23 March H 18:00
With Cyrielle Raingou (regista di Le spectre de Boko Haram); Francesco Clerici e Luca Previtali (registi di La paz del futuro); Margherita Panizon (director of Come le lumache); Anna de Manincor and Yakub Suleiman (director and protagonist of Yakub)
Original title
La paz del futuro
A journey which follows the figure of Janet Pavone, an Italian-American mural painter who joined the Sandinist revolution in Nicaragua in the 1980s. Almost 25 years later, Janet is invited to return to Nicaragua to restore the La paz of the future of Quiabù mural, on the military base of Estelì.
Janet Pavone, Jon Barrenechea, Daniel Hopewell, Freddy Hernandez Castro, Sergio Michilini
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Point Nemo
Point Nemo, Gaby Ramsperger
Francesco Clerici, Luca Previtali 
Francesco Clerici
Francesco Clerici, Luca Previtali
Spanish, English
English, Italian
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Hand Gestures was presented at the Berlinale in 2015, where it won the FIPRESCI prize. His works, which include films in augmented reality, short films, books, experimental and documentary films, have been presented around the world such as Busan International film festival, London Film Festival, Viennale, RIDM, Dok.fest, Leipzig, Berlinale, Sarajevo film festival and in venues such as National Gallery of Art in Washington, BFI, Cineteca Mexicana, Cinemateca Uruguayana, Documentary Cinema Center in Moscow, ICA, Barbican, MART in Rovereto, Palazzo Reale in Milan. In 2018, the Grenoble cinemateque dedicated a retrospective to his work.
2022 – La paz del futuro, ff
2022 – Enrico Cattaneo. Rumore Bianco, sf
2020 – 米 (Mî), sf
2018 – Memoria del fuego, sf
2017 – Handle with Care, ff
2017– Gillo Dorfles. In un bicchier d’acqua, sf
2017 – Giancarlo Vitali: Time Out, sf
2015– Hand Gestures, ff
Luca Previtali is an Italian director and editor. In recent years he has worked mainly as a director and film editor, editing music videos, live concerts, commercials and documentaries, which premiered at festivals such as the Venice Film Festival, the Rome Film Festival and the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.
2022 – La paz del futuro, ff
2021– Andrea Bocelli: Believe in Christmas. The Making of, sf
2020– JoyCut. Robert Smith’s Meltdown, ff
2020 – “Belin Che Bravi”, sf
2020 – JoyCut – Lisantrope, sf
2019 – Afterhours. One Night Only, sf
2018 – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Wrong Creatures Live Sessions. The making of, sf



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