Is it gonna be okay?

"It's gonna be okay!" phrase we thought, repeated, shouted from balconies or even just whispered during the first wave, now finds itself losing its exclamation point.

“It’s gonna be okay!” phrase we thought, repeated, shouted from balconies or even just whispered during the first wave, now finds itself losing its exclamation point. An exclamation point that becomes a question mark and brings with it many insecurities and uncertainties for the future of the culture, film and entertainment industry.

“We are all involved and united at this sensitive time in the fight against the spread of the virus,” writes Alessandra Speciale, FESCAAAL’s artistic director, “We agree with the government’s lines except for one passage: the motivation behind the decision to indiscriminately close cinemas and theaters, considered as production activities that are not specifically necessary”.

We had tried to safely return to the cinema with the review “Autumn 2020: back to the theater!” but the latest regulations and the tightening of the openings of cultural sites have forced us to make a new change. Where possible we will go online with some initiatives and we invite you to follow the full program on our website HERE, and on our social networks.

We are, today more than ever, convinced that culture is fundamental and necessary in this dramatic moment, in which we don’t just need supermarkets and restaurants.

Let’s support culture, let’s support cinemas today so they can exist tomorrow!

As members of the Milano Film Network, the network of film festivals in Milan, we share an appeal, written by many hands to emphasize the importance of our activities in the hope that we can support the entire sector, forced to a total block of initiatives in attendance.

The Ministerial Decree entered into force October 26, again imposes the closure of cinemas, theaters and other entertainment venues. This decision, which is not reflected in the statistical evidence of the last few months, will surely have terrible consequences for a sector, that of the cinema and entertainment industry in general, which has already been severely affected by the pandemic.

We festivals of the MFN – Milano Film Network join the appeal signed by the councillors for culture of the main Italian cities, including Filippo Del Corno of the City of Milan, so that the Government will retrace its steps with respect to a measure that will have serious consequences on the economic, cultural and social fabric of our country.

Cinema and theater are the lifeblood of many spectators, who seek stimulation, relief and entertainment in an already dramatic situation. But above all they are the concrete sustenance in the lives of many workers in the world of entertainment, abandoned once again to a fate of uncertainty and precariousness.

We hope for a rapid change of course in this sense, a rethink that finally recognizes the centrality of cinema, theater and art in Italy.

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