Art can’t be a crime

Art can't be a crime

We share the appeal to free 5 Sudanese artists arrested in Khartoum. We join the appeal of associations, filmmakers and the most important film festivals to ask for their immediate release!

On August 10, 2020, 5 young Sudanese artists were arrested in Khartoum at the Civic Lab, a cultural venue in the city where rehearsals for a play were taking place. They are charged with “disturbing the peace.”

The futile reason for the arrest and the violent attitudes indicate the total absence of a fair system of justice, and a troubling context of danger to intellectuals and criminalization of individuals from civil society not aligned with the ideology of the ruling military junta in Sudan.

The arrested artists include a young African filmmaker, Hajooj Kuka, whose debut films Beat of the Antonov and aKasha were screened in Toronto and Venice to great acclaim from audiences and critics.

We join global concerns, within and outside the international film community, about the violent treatment of Hajooj and the artists in prison. We call for the immediate release of:

Hajooj Kuka
Abdel Rahman Mohamed Ahmed
Ayman Khalaf Allah Mohamed Ahmed
Duaa Tarig Mohamed Ahmed

And all the other arrested artists!

What can you do?

It takes only 2 minutes to join the appeal!

Together we can share the appeal on all the channels at our disposal and pass the word! To make our voice heard and to put pressure on the institutions we can instead write to the Sudanese embassies around the world to join us!


For more information: International Coalition for Filmakers at Risk (ICFR)



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