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MiWY 2022



The first and only Italian multicultural film festival for schools

Born in 2019, MiWY is the first and only Italian film festival for schools entirely dedicated to multicultural education and knowledge of societies from Africa, Asia and Latin America, whose stories touch on issues concerning immigration, integration and deconstruction of stereotypes.

The prismatic zebra of the African, Asian and Latin America Film Festival realizes a dream that has remained in the junk drawer for years, a truly competitive festival aimed at schools, students and teachers, with a selection of dedicated films, which represents an evolution and strengthening of the historic Spazio Scuola which included all educational and teaching activities of the Festival since its first edition.

The MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY is a project byCOE Association, funded as part of the national Cinema and School plan promoted by MIBAC and MIUR in partnership with ISMU Foundation and in collaboration with MLFM – Movimento Lotta per la Fame nel Mondo of Lodi, LVIA – Associazione Internazionale Volontari Laici of Forlì, CVM – Comunità Volontari per il Mondo of Senigallia, COPE – Cooperazione Paesi Emergenti of Catania.

2nd Edition

The programme

Little zebras grow up in a changing school: screenings, meetings, juries and education

14 days, 13 films, 5 cities, 3 special juries, 4 awards, 1 masterclass for high school students and 1 webinar for teachers: the MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY’s return to the scene comes with a second edition full of novelty.

The second edition of the MiWorld Young Film Festival expands nationally and will be held from March 15th to the 28th on occasion of the 30th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milan. It will be a unique opportunity for students of middle and high school in Milan, Lecco, Biella, Lodi, Forlì, Senigallia and Catania and all over Italy to get to deepen their knowledge of African, Asian and Latin American culture through cinema, participating in free screenings and virtual debates with directors and experts.

4 feature films from Africa, Asia and Latin America and 8 African short films selected from important international festivals will be visible on the MyMovies.it platform and accompanied by the MiWY onZoom remote meeting and in-depth educational materials. All films will be introduced by experts. It will be possible to participate to MiWY in festival mode, following the program of projections and meetings on zoom or in #MiWYfaidate mode, by booking the viewing independently.

Teachers will be provided with in-depth teaching materials, preparation and post-viewing sheets for class work. The themes of the proposed films fall within the scope of the civic education curriculum.

For the second edition of the MiWorld Young Film Festival there will also be 3 juries that will assign the prizes to be won for the competing films: the Student Jury, the Teaching Jury and the Popular Jury.

MiWY 2021 will also offer training opportunities for students and teachers, with a masterclass by director Giuseppe Carrieri designed for secondary schools and and a webinar aimed at teachers to expand the use of the cinematographic medium in multicultural educational paths.