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How to participate to MiWY

The second edition of the MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY, the first and only film and interculture festival for schools, will be held entirely online from March 15th to the 28th, 2021. The MiWY Festival is a unique opportunity for High school and middle schools from all over Italy to see unreleased art-house films from Africa, Asia and Latin America that favor a non-stereotyped approach to knowledge of the cultures and realities of the three continents.

Participating in the MiWorld Young film Festival is easy!
Are you a teacher and want to register one or more classes in the first and only film and intercultural festival for schools?
Just fill out the form entirely and send it to

We will contact you to confirm availability and define the procedures. All films will be visible online on the platform. Each screening is accompanied by MiWY onZoom, in-depth meetings with international directors and cultural mediators and by Flash-cards for Global Citizenship Education courses for a 360 ° experience of encounter and comparison with the cultures of the 3 continents.

In-depth flash-cards will be provided to accompany the vision to all those who have signed up.

The themes of the proposed films fall within the guidelines for teaching civic education, therefore it is possible to include participation in MiWY within this discipline.

MiWY onZoom and #MiWYfaidate

One Festival, two different ways of experiencing it online

It is possible to participate in the MiWY with two different formulas: deciding to join one or more screenings scheduled from March 15th to the 28th and participating in the MiWY onZoom or in the #MiWYfaidate mode.

MiWY onZoom

By choosing to enroll classes in the scheduled screenings, it will also be possible to participate in free in-depth meetings in connection with the directors of the works presented and the cultural mediators. MiWY onZoom will be held remotely in interactive mode on the Zoom platform. A unique and interactive way to experience an online festival

Each film, feature or short, will be preceded by a video presentation; the four shorts in each slot will be broadcast in succession according to the order in the programme.

Students participating in this formula will also be able to take part in the voting to award the MiWY Popular Jury prizes for Best Short Film and Best Feature Film in the official competition. A unique and interactive way to experience an online festival

MiWY onZOOM screenings and meetings have a limited number of accesses, so it is necessary to book while availability lasts.


To meet the needs of teachers and students, you can also join with the do-it-yourself mode, to independently manage time and carry out the activities by responding to the needs of the classes involved.

By choosing this option, participating teachers will receive a link to watch the film and the in-depth information sheets for the in-depth courses to be carried out in the classroom.

The #MiWYfaidate mode provides the opportunity to watch the film via link, without participating in meetings on zoom with directors and mediators and without restrictions on dates and times.

All MiWY films will be available until the end of the festival in #MiWYfaidate formula, with the exception of 1982.