The Great Green Wall

Jared P. Scott | UK | 2019 | 91'
In collaboration with
Fondazione Edu
Original title
Produced by Fernando Meirelles (Cidade de Deus), the film is a musical road movie in which the star of Malian music, Inna Modja, sets off of a fascinating journey along the route of the project of the Great Green Wall, a barrier 8,000 km long of trees across the whole continent to face up to desertification, climate changes, conflicts and mass migrations: an African coast to coast, from Dakar to Djibouti, in which Inna duets in every city with a local musician/singer (Didier Awadi, Songhoy Blues, Waje and Betty G) to produce the album that should promote this African dream and give a hope of future to the continent.
Inna Modija
Films Distribution
WaZabi Films
Make Productions
Jared P. Scott
Timothy Cragg
Peter Norrey
French, Bambara, English, Tigrigna, Hausa
Main awards
Audience Award for Best Documentary (Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2019), Audience Award (Belgrade International Green Culture Festival 2019), Best Film (ECOCUP, Green Documentary Film Festival 2019), Special Jury Award (Jackson Wild Media Awards 2020), Spotlight Award (Imagine Science Film Festival 2020), Feature Documentary, Impact Award (EarthX Film Festival 2020), Best Documentary - Art, Music & Culture (Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2020)
Jared P. Scott is an award-winning director and writer. The films The Age of Consequences, Requiem for the American Dream, Disruption and Do the Math have been presented at major festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival and the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival in Toronto, and then distributed in more than 200 countries (on Netflix, Starz, PBS, ABC, Al-Jazeera, IFC and Documentary Channel). His documentaries on climate change have been presented at NASA, the NATO, the American Congress and the European Parliament and at more than 200 NGOs worldwide and at more than 500 universities all over the world.
2019 - The Great Green Wall, ff (doc)
2016 - The Age of Consequences, ff (doc)
2015 - Requiem for the American Dream, ff (doc)
2014 - Disruption, ff (doc)
2014 - Impossible, sf
2013 - Money is Material, sf
2013 - Do the Mat, ff (doc)
2013 -The Artificial Leaf, sf (doc)



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