La pecora

Nour Gharbi | Italy | 2021 | 14'
Sat 30 April H 14:30
Sun 1 May H 20:00
Original title
La pecora
With the tones of a folk tale and a hint of irony, the film tells the story of Amira, a little Moroccan girl in Italia with a birthmark on her face. Because of her appearance she is marginalized by the other children and all she wants is to have a friend. One day, her father takes her to choose a sheep. Amira looks after it with love but she will soon understand the fate reserved for the animal.  
Nora El Ajiri, Samir El Sajiri, Aziza Essalek, Ramzi Ghezal, Giuseppe Laudisa, Selly, Israa Chanane, Eya Ouerghi, Yasmine Ouerghi
Films Distribution
Raganella Production
Gianni Charini
Nour Gharbi
Arab, Italian
World premiere
Main awards
Nour Gharbi graduated in Film from the Sorbonne and in Directing from the European Centre for Training in Film Production. In 2010, she moved to Italy and in 2014 made Ricochet, her first short film, with which she won the Special Prize of the Critics at the Maazzeni Film Festival. Between 2015 and 2016 she completed the short films Mokusatsu, which has won 25 awards and was selected by over 70 festivals, and The Taste of Salt which won the Technical and Filmic Quality Prize at Roma Film Corto and the Prize for the Best Short Film at the Spiraglio Film Festival of Mental Health. In 2018 she founded Raganella Production, a production company with which he made Reaching Terminus. With La ricreazione, a short film about bullying, she was one of the ten winners of the Social Film Fund con il Sud, an initiative promoted by the Apulia Film Commission and Fondazione con il Sud.
2021 - La pecora, sf
2020 - La ricreazione, sf
2020 - Reaching Terminus, ff
2018 - I bambini sono spugne, sf
2017 - Un padre, sf
2016 - The Taste of Salt, sf
2015 - Mokusatsu, sf



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