Celles qui restent

Ester Sparatore | Italy, France, Belgium | 2019 | 90'
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Celles qui restent
Winner of the award for the best film at the Biografilm Italia Competition, Celles qui restent tells the story of Om El Khir, a Tunisian woman who, together with other women from her country, has been leading a battle since 2012 to find out the truth about all those husbands, sons and brothers who have literally disappeared in their attempts to reach Europe. The “photo-women” – as they have been called for the portraits of their loved ones that they carry during their demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Italian Embassy in Tunis – continue to meet in front of the seats of power to cry out their anger and pain, claiming they have the right to know what has happened to their relatives: they are convinced that they have succeeded in reaching Lampedusa and are demanding that a board of inquiry be opened to investigate the disappearance of five boats that left Tunis between 2010 and 2012.On board, there were 500 men, of whom nothing more has ever been heard. They include Nabil, Om El Khir’s husband, who left without saying anything to her on 29 March 2011, when she was pregnant with their third child. Despite her grief, the woman has rebuilt her life, finding strength in her determination to give her children a better future.
Films Distribution
Antani Distribuzione, Kio Film
Tiresias Films, Kino Produzioni, Scope Invest, High Sea Production
Ester Sparatore
Matteo Vieille Rivara
Nadia Touijer
French, Arabic
Main awards
Best Film Yoga Award (Biografilm Italia 2019), Special Mention for Best Director (Ortigia FIlm Festival 2019), Coop Alleanza 3.0 Award - Voci di donne invisibili (Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2019)
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Ester Sparatore graduated in 2001 from the Abadir Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, with a thesis on the history of the documentary. From 1999 to 2006 she worked with the production company C.L.C.T. Broadcasting, curating the directing and editing of documentaries and shorts. In the same period she created video installations and works of video art, taking part in numerous exhibitions in Italy. From 2007 she collaborated on the directing and photography of documentaries with the director Stefano Savona and the screenwriter Alessia Porto, including: Palazzo delle Aquile (2011). From 2010 she did interviews for the magazine of the Sky channel, Babel tv. From 2012 she worked on directing documentaries for Italian and French productions, In 2014 she wrote and directed with Letizia Gullo Mare magnum. Celles qui restent was presented at the Compétition Internationale Longs Métrages at Visions du Réel and won the first prize as the best Italian film at the Biografilm Festival 2019.
2019 – Celles qui restent, ff (doc)
2014 – Mare Magnum, ff (doc)
2011 – Palazzo delle Aquile, ff (doc)
2006 – Tracce scritte, ff (doc)
2003 – Canavé Calayade, sf (doc)



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