The competition section presents and premieres nationally a selection of the most recent feature films of the fiction and documentary genres from Africa, Asia and Latin America, focusing on young and emerging directors presented at the most prestigious international festivals.
Entirely devoted to Africa, this historic section competes in short films created by cinematographers from the entire African continent and the diaspora. This section aims at promoting fledgling and young rookie directors, paying close attention to innovations and new expressive languages. The films in these sections compete for the “Best African Short Film” award.
This section of Italian or Italian-based directors, reckoning with different cultures, hosts movies without genres or length distinction, whether filmed in Africa, Asia or Latin America or exploring themes of Italian multiculturalism.
This non-competitive section includes the runaway hits of the Festival, Italian premieres of affirmed directors, critically acclaimed or major films from the most important international film festivals: the best of contemporary arthouse films from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Section dedicated to best comedies of the three continents, premiering the best box office samples or emerging films.
Since 2017 Africa Talks explores trends and opportunities in Africa which are contributing to its economic development. Each year the event consists in a roundtable with international speakers, followed by the screening of a film related to the edition's chosen topic. In collaboration with Fondazione Edu.
A series of screenings and events in collaboration with Fondazione Prada dedicated to the multi-award-winning and visionary Filipino director, actor, producer, and editor Lav Diaz.