Margherita Panizon

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Margherita Panizon was born in 1989. After graduating in Cinema and Practical Theatre at the University of Reading (UK), she attended the FilmAP Atelier del cinema del reale in Naples. She took part in participatory documentary workshops as a tutor. From this experience, she produced La vasca del capitone – Appunti sul carcere and Melarancholia, part of the project promoted by SIAE Illumina dal nome Città visibile. She lived in Paris for a while where she worked at the production company Les Film d’Ici; here, she was involved in the production of Fuocoammare by Gianfranco Rosi. She is currently developing her first fiction feature film Lo sconsegnato, finalist at the Solinas Award in 2021.
2022 – Come le lumache, sf
2017 – La vasca del Capitone, ff
2017 – Non può essere sempre estate, ff
2014 – Come vedere un grande silenzio, ff


Margherita Panizon | Italy | 2022 | 19'