How was the Festival?

With just over a month to go until the end of the 29th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, we're ready to tell you how it went. We've gathered all the data, filed all the materials, said goodbye to all the filmmakers and guests, and even had a little rest.

With just over a month to go until the end of the 29th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, we’re ready to tell you how it went. We’ve collected all the data, filed all the materials, said goodbye to all the filmmakers and guests, and we’ve even had a little rest.

We’ve been doing this for almost 30 years now. So many years of experience and memories that we cherish year after year. Memories of encounters and friendships that, like the frames of a film, make up edition after edition of our story.

We would like to tell you how it went in detail because our Festival is made up above all of people who meet and have a common passion: cinema.

First of all, thank you!
We must start with many thanks to all those who worked with us to make this edition, recently closed, an edition to remember. Directors, staff, collaborators, volunteers, spectators and the invaluable partners who contributed to the realization of the event: to all of you THANK YOU!

We would also like to thank all the directors, the productions and the international distributions that allowed us to build a program of the highest quality that was particularly appreciated by our audience and the press.

Thanks to the staff of collaborators and volunteers who, often hidden behind the scenes, have dedicated their time and professionalism to the initiative. You can get to know them one by one in the colophon. The Festival is a mosaic made up of small pieces, of many people who, with passion and competence, do their best to ensure that the machine works in its smallest gear, from the lighting of the hall to the welcoming of guests at the airport. A special thank you to the volunteers (more than 100 again this year!) and to the trainees who welcomed this proposal as a formative moment of encounter. Many friendships were born, some love and a lot of wonder and satisfaction for having discovered new and beautiful films and met directors and actors!

What would a festival be without the audience? In this period in which everything is consumed online and at supersonic speed, festivals remain solid points of reference, privileged meeting points and important opportunities to enjoy new cultural content. It was great to see how so many people, from so many cities, of different ages and nationalities, still give themselves quality time away from a computer to attend our screenings and the many events in the program. Nearly 15 thousand viewers were with us again this year in the theaters and at the extra-cinematic initiatives of Festival Center and Festival OFF.

2019 has seen us engaged on two projects that have given us much satisfaction.
Thanks to the contribution of the MIBAC and MIUR we have realized, together with the ISMU Foundation, the first edition of the MiWorld Young Film Festival – MIWY, the first and only festival of cinema and interculture for schools that saw the participation of 2000 students from all over Lombardy who attended the screenings, met the directors and voted for their favorite films that, after being awarded in a ceremony in grand style with very welcome guests, you will see again soon!

On the other hand, Fondazione Cariplo allowed us to involve even more young audiences, with the pre-festival tour of Guerrilla Cinema around the most interesting Milanese venues, the international communities of our city and will soon take us out of Milan with our films.

Also this year several Partners have decided to actively support us by contributing in many creative ways to the realization of the Festival and by collaborating to the programming and the preparations. Thanks to institutions, individuals and associations for being with us again this year.

Also this year the Web Media Partners have been with us, following us and telling our story on the web, each in its own way but all with the same interest and great passion.

There are also many journalists who have spoken of our program in this edition, we have collected more than 300 articles in print and web that you can see here, in our press review continuously updated.

All the awardees and what’s next
The 2019 Festival awarded, as usual, a prize fund of 11,000 euros and special prizes. The international jury, composed by Bushra Abdalla Rozza, Laura Luchetti and Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, has decreed the Best Film of the Feature Film Competition Windows on the World. The journalists’ jury with Marita Toniolo (President), Eugenio Arcidiacono and Mattia Carzaniga awarded the Best African Short Film and the Best Film of the section Extr’A. The complete prize list here.

In addition to the prizes of the official juries, there are also many parallel prizes that consist in the acquisition of distribution rights in Italy of some films that will soon be included in the catalog COEmedia Distribuzione Cinema and will be available for rental throughout the world.

It has been, also this 2019, an intense and beautiful edition marked by very interesting meetings and confrontations with our guests and our audience that always follows us with great attention. We are happy to have made our dear Milan even more international, making it the capital of the best cinema from Africa, Asia and Latin America once again.

We invite you to relive the Festival through the shots of our talented photographers and the videos of the students of the Mohole School. We will accompany you in some flashbacks to savor the best moments of this edition with our #Replay column soon on our social networks.

We close this experience with great satisfaction, without denying the difficulties and the possibilities for improvement, and we are already heading towards the special year 2020, the year in which we will blow out 30 candles.

Let’s get started: see you in Milan from 21 to 29 March 2020 and we hope to have you with us again!



25 Nov 2022