Djibril is alive

You accompanied us in the crowdfunding campaign that allowed the publication of the book "Djibril Diop Mambéty or the journey of the hyena", a tribute to a much-loved artist, 20 years after his death.

Djibril Diop Mambéty was among the most influential African filmmakers, his masterpieces have enchanted the audiences of the most prestigious festivals and inspired great masters of cinema, such as Martin Scorsese.

You accompanied us in the crowdfunding campaign that enabled the publication of the book “Djibril Diop Mambéty or the Hyena’s Journey. The cinematic revolution of a visionary Senegalese director”, a tribute to an artist we loved so much, 20 years after his death. The book was edited by Simona Cella and Cinzia Quadrati with Alessandra Speciale and collects contributions from Michel Amarger, Olivier Barlet, Simona Cella, Cecilia Cenciarelli, Thierno Ibrahima Dia, Vlad Dima, Giuseppe Gariazzo, Sada Niang, Cinzia Quadrati, Mahriana Rofheart, Catherine Ruelle, Roberto Silvestri, Alessandra Speciale and Silvia Voser.

Thanks to the many supporters, the book, published by L’Harmattan Italia, has become a reality and, after the first presentation at the last FESCAAAL, is back in town again for BOOKCITY 2019, Thursday, November 14, h.21 at Cinemino.

A heartfelt thanks to the donors

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Words and images

The book homage to Djibril Diop Mambéty is a gesture of love towards a revolutionary author “who, with a few works, continues to speak to us, to call us into question, to ask us to make subversive gestures in our present, without which we will not have a future” (Giuseppe Gariazzo, film critic and one of the authors of the book). “Djibril Diop Mambéty or the Hyena’s Journey. The cinematic revolution of a visionary Senegalese director” is a collection of contributions from national and international authors that completes and enriches a unique collection of films by the director in the COEmedia Distribuzione Cinema Catalogue. 3 films, 2 medium-length films and 1 feature film, which allow to retrace about a decade of his production and better understand the poetics of the master.

Hyènes (1992), the feature film presented in competition at Cannes and inspired by “The Visit of the Old Lady”, a drama by Dürrenmatt that explores the themes of revenge, the omnipotence created by money and moral and collective corruption; Le franc (1994) and La petite vendeuse de soleil (1999), two medium-length films of 45 minutes each, the first pieces of the trilogy Histoires de petites gens, which was intended to tell the story of common characters and everyday stories from a contemporary Africa, unprecedented for its time.

The films are available for rental for public screenings, in versions with Italian subtitles. Hyènes is available in the version restored by the Cineteca di Bologna.