30ª edizione

Latin American
Film Festival

The 30th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival – FESCAAAL will be held online on MYmovies.it, from 20 to 28 March 2021: 9 days of screenings, meetings with authors, special and multidisciplinary events inspired by the cultures of the 3 continents. It is a special anniversary and an important milestone for the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, organised and promoted by the COE Association.

A chance to reflect on the Festival’s mission: to promote knowledge of the cinematographies of the three continents in order to contribute to increasing the cultural diversity of cinema in Italy as an opportunity for dialogue, innovation and creativity.

The prismatic Zebra, now a symbol of our festival, dresses up to celebrate30 years of activity and is reconfirmed as a symbol of a constantly changing society. This edition’s claim, MiWorld From A to Zebra, summarizes the research vocation of FESCAAAL, which since its inception in 1991 has brought the lively artistic and cultural scene of the 3 continents to Milan and Italy with particular attention to new generations.

Among the approximately 600 films received this year, 50 were selected representing “the best” of the latest productions from and about Africa, Asia and Latin America. As always, the Festival will be divided into 3 competitive sections: the Windows on the World Feature Film Competition, with fiction and documentaries from 3 continents in national preview; the African Short Film Competition, with works by young directors from the African continent; the Extr’A Competition, reserved for Italian directors – or foreigners residing in Italy – with films shot in Africa, Asia or Latin America which offer a look at current events in our country.

The way of experiencing the Festival changes, but the variety and quality of the cultural offer absolutely won’t: 9 days of screenings on the MYmovies.it platform accompanied by meetings with the authors, special and in-depth events as always inspired by the cultures of the 3 continents, all digitally available. All the films in the programme can be viewed with a pass, while all the events are free on Zoom or streamed on FESCAAAL’s social channels.

An important novelty of this year is the participation of FESCAAAL in the programme Milano Città Mondo 05 – La città delle donne by Comune di Milano – Ufficio Reti e Cooperazione Culturale, and in the more extensive annual programme The talents of women, promoted by the Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Milano.

During the Festival will be presented the the thematic section Women on the verge of changing the world will be presented, with a program of recent films by female directors from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and a round table to reflect on women in cinema and promoting gender equality and the value of diversity.

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MiWorld Young Film Festival