Los Zuluagas

Flavia Montini | Italy, Colombia | 2021 | 80'
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Sun 8 May H 11:00
Original title
Los Zuluagas
Camilo, 35 years old, is the son of Colombian guerrillas. He returns to his country of origin after twenty-five years in exile in Italy. In an attempt to understand the choices of his parents, he plunges into the family archives. An exciting and painful family story comes to life through extraordinary amateur films and private writings which reveal conflicts that have never been settled and sorrowful memories: those of a revolutionary commander father who sacrificed everything in the name of the political struggle and those of a son who has grown up with the phantom of a desaparecida mother. 
Juan Camilo Zuluaga Tordecilla, Ana Maria Zuluaga Tordecilla, Esteban Zuluaga Cinquina, Bernardo Gutierrez Zuluaga, Amparo Del Carmen Tordecilla, Clara Ines Parra Aguilar, Valentina Zuluaga Parra, Miguel Fernando Zuluaga Parra
Films Distribution
Luce Cinecittà
FilmAffair, Inercia Peliculas
Flavia Montini, Juan Camilo Zuluaga Tordecilla, Anita Miotto
Marco Pasquini
Enzo Pompeo
Italian, Spanish
Main awards
Gli Imperdibili Award (Festival dei Popoli)
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Flavia Montini was born in 1983. She graduated in Politics and International Relations and then attended the workshop on Documentary Cinema at the Scuola d'arte cinematografica Gianmaria Volontè in Rome. She has directed and been assistant director on documentary films and she also works with associations in the Third Sector, on projects of storytelling, participatory video workshops, web documentaries and activities to develop the historical heritage and collective memory. Los Zuluagas is her first feature-length film and has been nominated for the David di Donatello 2022.
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