Q&A with Samuel Kishi Leopo, director of the film Los Lobos

Reflection on the female perspective in Latin America on the presence of women related to cinema and the multicultural dynamics of international communities

26 Mar 2021

We have created a thematic section that includes five great stories from Morocco, Chile, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea directed by Maryam Touzani, María Paz González, Hinde Boujemaa, Shahad Ameen, Lee Jihyoung and Kim Sol.

Cinema and Encounter is a webinar that, starting from the vision of the feature film Lina from Lima by María Paz González, develops a reflection on the feminine perspective of Latin American women, in the presence of artists, directors, journalists, writers, representatives of festivals and institutions linked to cinema and the multicultural dynamics of international communities.

The film is intended to explore current and universal issues such as gender equality, migration, social justice and the inclusion of women in the world of work and culture.

Conducted by Alessandra Montesanto.
With the participation of Valentina Di Prisco (Venezuela), Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami (Italy), Regina Marques (Brazil), Chiara Martucci (Italy), Luisa Morandini (Italy), Veronica Silva (Peru), Kalua Rodríguez (Cuba).

Curated by CubeArt, in collaboration with Fondazione ISMU.
The event is promoted by the cultural associations CubEArt and Per i Diritti umani, in collaboration with the Ufficio Reti e Cooperazione Culturale of the Municipality of Milan, as part of the Milano Città Mondo project.

Live on Zoom . For more information: info[at]cubeart.org



Marìa Paz Gonzàlez | Chile, Argentina, Peru | 2019 | 83'



25 Mar 2021 - 10:00 PM
Free streaming meeting with director Maryam Touzani to talk about her film Adam



26 Mar 2021 - 6:00 PM
With Ester Sparatore, Silvia Vignato, Giacomo Tabacco, Juan Martin Baigorria, Christian Giuffrida, Oualid Mouaness, Beatriz Seigner, Toumani Kouyaté



29 Apr 2022 - 8:30 PM
An opportunity to say hello and learn more about the Festival's programme with our artistic directors Annamaria Gallone e Alessandra Speciale
Cala il sipario sulla 31a edizione del FESCAAAL con l'assegnazione dei premi ufficiali e dei premi speciali ai film in concorso