Private spaces, global issues, contemporary visions

Dialogue with female directors on female authorship and the production of new imagery in a contemporary, post-colonial and globalised perspective

27 Mar 2021

We have created a thematic section that includes five great stories from Morocco, Chile, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea directed by Maryam Touzani, María Paz González, Hinde Boujemaa, Shahad Ameen, Lee Jihyoung and Kim Sol.

Private spaces, global issues, contemporary visions. How the cineasts of the three continents are changing the vision of the world is a round table discussion with some female guest directors of FESCAAAL on their personal experiences in different geo-political contexts, focusing especially on female authorship, aesthetic and narrative choices and the production of new female imagery in a contemporary, post-colonial and globalised perspective.

This webinar will be attended by Annamaria Gallone and Alessandra Speciale (FESCAAAL artistic directors), Farah Polato (researcher of the University of Padua in filmology, intercultural and post-colonial studies), Michela Occhipinti (director and member of the Fescaaal jury), Beatriz Seigner (director and jury member presenting his latest work Between us a secretat the Festival), Hinde Boujemaa (director and member of the jury) and some other female directors presenting a film at the Festival: Hiwot Adamasu (Ethiopia), Shahad Ameen (Saudi Arabia), Marìa Paz Gonzàlez (Chile), Maryam Touzani (Morocco).

The webinar is live on the Zoom platform and streamed at the Festival Centeror on our Facebook channel.



Hiwot Admasu Getaneh | France, Ethiopia | 2019 | 20'

Maryam Touzani | Morocco, France, Belgium, Qatar | 2019 | 100'

Marìa Paz Gonzàlez | Chile, Argentina, Peru | 2019 | 83'

Shahad Ameen | United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia | 2019 | 74'



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27 Mar 2021 - 8:00 PM
The curtain falls on the first virtual edition of the FESCAAAL with the awarding of the official and special prizes to the films in competition. See you in 2022... in theatres!



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