Nino Tropiano

Nino Tropiano
Nino Tropiano has worked in Dublin in the theatre as actor and stage director. Initially a stage photographer, he then graduated in directing and film production with the documentary Mia figlia fa la Madonna. His films include L'ultimo spettacolo di Mary, Class reunion, The fall (which won the Urlo Prize at the Unimovie international Short Film Festival), Chippers (Special mention at the Festival of the Italian documentary Hai visto mai?). He is currently working on a musical documentary, Wild Man Jazz.
2019 – Samira’s Dream, ff (doc)
2008 – Chippers, sf (doc)
2005 – Riunione di classe, sf (doc)
2001 – L’ultimo spettacolo di Mary, sf (doc)
2000 – The Fall, sf
2000 – Mia figlia fa la madonna, sf (doc)


Nino Tropiano | Italy, Ireland, Switzerland | 2020 | 88'