Mario Brenta

Mario Brenta made his fiction feature film debut in 1974 with Vermisat, presented at the Venice Film Festival. He has been making films for well over twenty years, obtaining awards and prizes both in Italy and internationally, at the festivals of Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Locarno. In the past ten years he has devoted himself in particular to the cinema of the real, making, together with Karine de Villers various documentaries in the form of notes, essays and filmed reflections. He is also the cofounder, with Ermanno Olmi, of Ipotesi Cinema, a film laboratory which he directed for over twenty years and he teaches Film Language at the University of Padua. He is also a visiting professor at a number of Italian and foreign universities and film schools.
2021 - Isole, ff
2020 - Vanitas, ff
2018 - Il sorriso dl gatto, ff
2016 - Delta Park, ff
2015 - Black Light, sf
2015 - Ecco..., sf
2014 - Corpo a Corpo, ff
2012 - Agnus Dei, sf
2011 - Calle de la Pietà, ff
2011 - La Pièce, ff


Mario Brenta, Karine de Villers | Italy | 2021 | 78'