Margherita Ferri

Margherita Ferri is a director and screenwriter who trained at the University of California and at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Her short films, documentaries and web series have taken part in festivals all over the world. Her debut film, Zen - Sul ghiaccio sottile was produced by the Biennale of Venice as the winner of the Biennale College Cinema, then it was presented at the 75th Venice Film Festival and was one of the five nominees for the Nastro d’Argento as the best debut director. She then directed two episodes of Zero, the original Netflix series and of Bang Bang Baby, Amazon Studio. 
2021 - Capitan Didier, sf
2018 - Zen sul ghiaccio sottile, ff
2017 - I hate pink!, sf
2012 - Generazione d'azzardo, sf
2011 - Dov'è l'elefante, sf
2011 - Rambo e Milena, sf
2010 - Aiko, sf
2009 - Tempi supplementari, sf
2006 - 20mg, sf


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