Silvia Vignato

Silvia Vignato
Silvia Vignato is Associate Professor in anthropology at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Beside a monography about conversions to hinduism in Indonesia (2001), she has published articles about Malaysian factory workers and manpower agents for migrants and about post-conflict and post-disaster young Acehenese people (children, teenagers, young parents). She now carries out research on work, marginal environments, gender, evolving structures of families and independent children in Indonesia (Aceh) and Malaysia. She is author and director of Le feu de la Déesse (1998), ethnographic film, Paris 3/Archipel production, and Underground Harvest (2017), Seatide/Unimib production.
2020 – Aceh, After, ff (doc)
2018 – Underground Harvest, sf (doc)


Silvia Vignato | Italy, Indonesia | 2020 | 44'