Submissions and deadline

The Call For Entries to submit your film for the next edition of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival – FESCAAAL is now open.

The Festival will take place in Milan and online from April 30th to May 8th 2022.

To submit your film it’s necessary to fill in the entry form and send a link of the screener for the selection committee to the Festival’s Bureau.

Submissions are free of charge.
Deadline: January 16th 2022.

Competitive sections


“Windows on the World” Feature Film Competition

Award euro 8,000*
Fiction and documentary films made by directors from Africa, Asia and Latin America (minimum running time 60 min.)

African Short Film Competition

Award euro 2,000*
Short films (fiction and documentaries) made by African directors (maximum running time 59 min.)

Extr’A Competition

Award euro 1.000*
Fiction films and documentaries made by Italian and Italian-based directors in the three continents (Africa, Asia and Latin America) or related to immigration, integration and interculture in Italy.

*Awards may vary.

3rd Edition

How to participate to MiWY

3rd MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY

During the selection process, a special attention will be dedicated to African short films and features from the 3 continents to present to the audience of the third MiWorld Young Film Festival – MiWY (Milan, May 2-8, 2022).

MiWY is a festival within the festival dedicated to new generations, which collects all the educational activities carried on by COE Association in the framework of film literacy projects.


General information

In order to be selected, films and videos must have been produced in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

We prefer Italian premieres.

FESCAAAL is also presenting non competitive sections, special sections, thematic sections, tributes and the Flash Section, featuring relevant premieres by important directors and films acclaimed by critics or awarded at the most prestigious festivals across the globe. It’s a section dedicated to the best contemporary productions, to tell all about modern Africa, Asia and Latin America.

For more information, read the rules and do not hesitate to contact us at